Image description

Photographed by Hotze Eisma


100% handmade in Britain

This rug is designed to play with the idea of contrast. On the one hand, there is the contrast between 
the graphic shades of black and white; on the other, there is the contrast between the inverse die-cut 

shapes and the rug's solid background. The leaf shape is taken from those found on the Gingko Biloba 

tree, regarded in some cultures as a 'carrier of hope' and a symbol of resilience and peace.

For further enquiries
Please for your orders for the Gingko rug get in touch with the studio directly; mail 
or call 
+44(0) 7904 973599 

Technical Info 

Year: 2010 

Dimensions: 170cm x 200cm 
Or made to measure 
Material: 100% wool