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Beautifully handmade by British craftsmen, covered in 100% Kvadrat wool

The Leaf Seat’s dimension and shape enables the pouf to be interlocked in a variety of combinations; 
from one big leaf on the floor made up of seven seats to a linear form if they're connected in a 
row to form, for example, a daybed. Used in large quantities in public spaces, Leaf Seats have an 
additional benefit in that the stool can be positioned against a wall when not in use to create an 
eye-catching display. 
For further enquiries
Please get in touch with the studio directly for more information or questions through or call +44(0) 7904 973599 
Technical info
Year: 2013
H35xL57xW39 cm
Material: Polyurethane foam with 100% wool upholstery on plywood base and chrome glides. 
Colours and bespoke
- Spring greens: Dark green, Mid green, Light green
- Autumn shades: Dark brown, Red brown, Ochre and Taupe
- Black with off white or Off white with black piping